The Mobile AR Sensor Logger for Android and iOS Devices


In recent years, commodity mobile devices equipped with cameras and inertial measurement units (IMUs) have attracted much research and design effort for augmented reality (AR) and robotics applications. Based on such sensors, many commercial AR toolkits and public benchmark datasets have been made available to accelerate hatching and validating new ideas. To lower the difficulty and enhance the flexibility in accessing the rich raw data of typical AR sensors on mobile devices, this paper present the mobile AR sensor (MARS) logger for two of the most popular mobile operating systems, Android and iOS. The logger highlights the best possible synchronization between the camera and the IMU allowed by a mobile device, and efficient saving of images at about 30Hz, and recording the metadata relevant to AR applications. This logger has been tested on a relatively large spectrum of mobile devices, and the collected data has been used for analyzing the sensor characteristics. We see that this application will facilitate research and development related to AR and robotics, so it has been open sourced at GitHub

In Proceedings of 2019 IEEE SENSORS
Jianzhu Huai
Postdoc researcher

My research interest is economic mapping and navigation.